Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My guys

Jason is on a fire in California right now, but I realized that I haven't posted many pictures of my good lookin' husband. Well, today I'm not just going to show you one handsome guy, but, get this....if you look at this picture in the next fifteen minutes, I'll throw in an extra (albeit shorter) tall drink of water. That's right folks, that's how convinced I am that this is something you're going to love as much as I do (well, maybe almost as much).

Remember, this is a limited time offer. Look today...don't delay!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Check out this blog!!

In a moment of complete randomness, I stumbled upon this blog. This family from Walla Walla, WA, is biking across the US (WITH kids!!)

How cool is that?!?!!! They update daily or so. Join me in following their progress! Talk about a great experience to share as a family. The kids seem like they're having a ball.

Happy Birthday Grands!

Somehow we have been blessed with two family birthdays today!

Happy Birthday to Grandma Lori (who needs to schedule a photo shoot with her grandson!)!!

And Grandpa Hugh!

[And Sir John is 5 months-old today]

Yay everyone!!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Too cute!!

Props to Grandma Lori for this adorable photo!

Everybody was Kung Fu fighting...

Ninja Cora takes on Emotional Display Intolerance one eye roll at a time.
"Whew, this chick sure does cry a lot!!"

"Take that back, mister!!
I'm small, but can whip your diapered fanny faster than a flying nunchuck at a geek rally!"


Family is such an important part of our lives, I thought I would post some pictures of my favorites pictures.

My dad and mom on the back porch...

Grandma Sheldon and John at church

Great Grandpa Don and Great Grandma Alice and Belle Cooper last weekend

Benjamin and John in B's fort under our table when the kids came over for a super fun sleepover! (John was just saying goodnight...)

Doug and Benjamin on our couch. "Baby John" is a favorite of B's. Everyone else is dubbed "him" (including girls), but "Baby John" gets his own name. They're going to be quite the pair.

Doug and Lori coaxing smiles. I love it when they stop by after work for a grandkid fix (and so does John!)

And on our trip down to Oregon a couple of months ago...

Grandma Griffiths met John for the first time

My cousin Wanda and her two of her beautiful daughters

Aunt Doris absolutely doted on John...and he soaked it up like a sponge!

It was fun to see Uncle Walt and Aunt Kim during our leisurely afternoon visit.

While John and I were staying at Clarks, we had Jennifer, Kristen, and Scott (cousins) over for a meet and greet of the newest second cousins. I got pictures of Scott and Kristen holding Miss Coraline, and Jennifer holding Sir John.

The sleep deprived moms tried to disuade them from procreating in a hurry (sorry, Walt and Kim!).

It was so fun to spend time with the Clarks.

Okay, all for now. I'll keep up with the pictures instead of saving them up into one MONSTER post.

[If you are feeling photographically underrepresented, lemme know so I can schedule a photo session with HRH.]

Ice King

It was one of those days when iced tea was just the thing. John's been watching and begging while I eat and drink (much like a dog, but unlike a dog, I can't banish him from the table and tell him to eat his own food). I decided to see what he'd do with an ice cube, but it was too slippery to hold in my hand, so I held it in my teeth. Lemme tell you...that kid has SuctionPower (maybe he's a new kind of super hero!).