Friday, November 21, 2008


It is right around this time of year for the last couple of years that I start kicking myself. You see, even though I'm a tremendously disorganized (well, not reeaallly "disorganized"...maybe more like "overwhelmed by organization"), I like to get my Christmas shopping done early. So by this time of year, when the Advent Conspiracy rolls out, I'm almost done assembling my little pile of gifts, and already have a few wrapped.

NEXT year I'm going to do this in spades, but as I was adding myself to their mailing list I realized that maybe someone would want to be a Conspirator THIS YEAR! I think EVERYONE should do this. (My, I'm using a lot of caps today!) My sister and brother-in-law are making gifts and making Christmas more about what Christmas actually is about and less about what it isn't: Christmas should change people's lives...not be a big hassle, get us into more debt, or add to the junk in the back of one's closet (which none of MY gifts are, of least I HOPE not!)

What got me fired up about it today? Check out this project. [Except my husband: Jason, I know how much you like surprises. I'm totally going to do this for you next year, so don't click on it. But you know how hard it is for me to keep a gift a secret, so if you do figure it out, PLEASE PLEASE tell me so that keeping a secret from you won't make me so twitchy...but don't look just so I won't be twitchy because you know me--I'm always a little weird about something and it might as well be trying to keep from telling you this fantastic idea for a gift Thank you for loving me so much] [Okay, everyone else: Not that you actually leave comments, but if you do, don't mention THE GIFT.] This is the kind of project that embodies the heart of the AC, and if you are a mom, you should do it.

If you aren't a mom, or even if you are, consider becoming a can even take back my gift, if you want :-)

Just something to think about.


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I try.

I didn't have my coffee before I got to work, so John was at the mercy of my regular, sluggish, uncaffeinated brain as I rushed to get to work early this morning. I'm a bit behind on getting the laundry up from the dryer (it is sitting there clean, but unfolded), so as I reached into his still-ample supply of clothes for a pair of pants that matched the so cute orange and brown onsie that I had already wrangled him into, I was feeling pretty good about actually getting him dressed this morning (he's a baby of leisure and gets to wear his sleepers most days). It was even better when I found a pair of pants that would match. They were way too big around the waist, but being the clever mom that I am, I was congratulating myself as I figured out how to cinch in the elastic band inside. Okay, out the door. We both had clothes, I had my purse, diaper bag, and kid. Check, check, check, and check.

When I arrived at work I bragged to my mom that I had figured out these new pair of pants and didn't they just look so cute on him? I can't remembered if she gave a little laugh or just smiled, when she asked if they weren't the ones that she'd bought for him this summer. I guessed that they were, and she commented that they were for a much older child. Hmm, I mused....the legs fit just great, though. Um, except that they're shorts...size 4. For my 8-month-old.


I guess this is were I decide to accept that I may never have my act together, but acknowledge that I still got both of us out the door, he doesn't care what he wears, and look how much LONGER he can wear these cute little shorts/pants/whatever! Okay, I'm a mom, and mom's are brilliant....even when we aren't quite perfect. Maybe I'll get the hang of this eventually.

Monday, November 10, 2008


Before I was even pregnant, I was interested in babywearing (even though I didn't know it by that term). I guess it was living in Africa and wearing my friend's kids, and visiting Guatemala. It just seemed so natural. Even after I came back from Cameroon when I was 18, I would chuck the kid of the people I lived with on my back when I needed to finish chores (and Charla was away...I was sure she wouldn't seemed so "Native" and I was already weird enough). But I never saw anyone carrying their babies that way while I was back in the States...until I moved to Portland...and then I found out it had a name.

Fast forward to 2008...I have a kid. In Montana. Yeah. I've seen approximately four people in the last year wearing their kids. No matter...that's what the Internet is for! I downloaded patterns for a sling, and practiced carrying around sacks of flour and #10 cans before I gave birth. Yeah, this would definitely work for me... And then I gave birth to the crankiest baby least for his first month. I kept trying the sling (and probably if I'd had a cool one like the ones at Nonny & Boo* I probably would have been cruisin' in style), and then bought a different type, before someone turned me on to a Moby, which worked better because of a previous neck/shoulder injury. While I haven't mastered throwing my kid on my back and wrapping it African style, I can put him in the Moby (although I've only been successful with the front-carrying methods). It soothed him when he was a cranky wee-baby, and keeps him happy and out of mischief now that he's a strapping almost-walking 8 1/2 month old.

For more babywearing stuff, check out this blog: Adventures in Babywearing!

[Okay, I included the links to Nonny & Boo and AIB to enter a contest, but that's okay, right, because you can enter it too! Sorry I haven't posted any pictures lately...I've been forgetting to wear my camera, which that and a pair of roller skates are pretty much mandatory for keeping up with John these days. More later...I promise]