Friday, September 19, 2008

Holy Time Warp, Batman!

John's 6 1/2 months already, and have we been busy!! I just got an e-mail from babycenter that warned that my baby would be turning over by now, so I should be ready. Whatever!

John's been busy getting ready to walk...he's pulling himself up and standing at every opportunity, crawling like crazy, ready to pop out his second pair of teeth, exploring his world and play with anything he finds within his reach...especially if it is paper or an electrical cord. We have a great time rolling around on the floor, and when I need to be extra busy, he enjoys standing and chewing on the top rail of his pack 'n' play (Thanks again, Walt and Kim!)

Here are some more pictures of his antics over the last while:

This was taken at the mall in Kalispell. John and Jason came up with me while I had a booth at their Baby Fair to sell my toys. John and I hung out while Jason ran errands and came back to check on us. While I was taking down the booth at the end of the day, John started getting fussy, so Jason, like the Superdad he is, whipped out a bottle and fed our little man. What a guy!

This was taken awhile ago, but is just so cute, I had to include it. He's my Mini Cooper!! (Thanks for the adorable shirt, Carmin!)

My grandma came up to visit...John loved it!

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Katie said...

Okay, I LOVE the "mini coop" picture and the thigh rolls in picture two!! Aww, sqeeze those often, they won't last long :)

Love you, friend!