Thursday, October 23, 2008

Sunny Autumn Day

I've been at the Parental Units all week working.

[For those who don't know, the three of us have an adult foster care home. My parents have two senior women who live there with them, and I come in and give them a break. It is a fairly ideal working situation for me, since John gets to hang out here, too. In some ways he makes my job easier (something about babies that brings out the best in people), and some ways makes it harder (for example, his internal clock that moves him from content to cranky right just as I'm trying to put meals on the table...which isn't unusual or new, but hard when trying to do it on a schedule), but overall, I'm thankful for the opportunity to bring income in while being with my son.

The weather the last couple of days has been clear, and the crunchy leaves and the beautiful sunshine have been calling to me. My grandma came over to watch John for a while yesterday and I was able to sit just outside the door and work on a bible study I've been trying to do while he's sleeping (which doesn't work so well now that he's decided that naps aren't quite necessary, so it was a special treat to have 15 minutes to focus on just one thing). It was wonderful to be able to enjoy the sun. A little later, when one of The Ladies was out with a friend, and the other was snoozing in her chair, I grabbed John and I introduced him to crunchy leaves. It was the stillest I've seen him in a long time as he sat in the pile and explored the textures and sounds (and tastes) of autumn. It was so fun to lay on my belly (in the sun!!) and watch my son enjoy on of my favorite things in God's beautiful world. It was one of those moments in time I hope to remember as the days get shorter and when the snow starts to fly.

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