Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Oh, my poor sweet husband

Last night we had to run into town to get a new battery for his truck, and my MIL watched John for us so we could spend some time together. It was was't as if the lighting at NAPA was romantic or the grocery store oozed charm, but we got to spend time together and that was the BEST. He even took me out to the grill for fries and wraps. Yummy!

When we got back to pick up John, we were sitting around watching HRH make the cuteness rounds and visiting. Jason was laying on the floor and took John for an airplane ride. John loves to fly, but apparently got a little airsick...

in Jason's ear

and I couldn't stop laughing

but I kind of did, and cleaned the up the barf

and laughed some more

and wished I had my camera (and Jason was glad I didn't)

oh, my poor sweet, jewel of a husband!

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Katie said...

LOL...too funny!

Mmm, your cake looks amazing, Sarah!!