Thursday, January 8, 2009

Somebody throw me a bone...

Here are some random photos from the last couple of weeks. I've been TERRIBLE about keeping my camera handy. I didn't even take any photos at Christmas. TERRIBLE, I tell you!

However, HRH continues to grow in cuteness and smartness and downright rascalliness (if that's a word). He has a little book that has different fabric shapes in it, and he loves to crawl around the house with a square, or a little carrot, or in this case, a bone. Grandma Lori and I thought he was so cute!

And smart mama has certain ways of keeping up with him...

Actually, he was squirming so much when I was trying to get him dressed that this happened, but since he didn't seem to care, and it cracked me up, I just left him like that for a while. It didn't really work at keeping him in one location, though. He just dragged himself around like a little beached merman until I fixed things.

Here's a picture of John and Cora, the prettiest little girl in the west, while they were at IKEA.

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Katie said...

You are a genius!! I'm going to have to try that with my boys....oh, wait, they get themselves dressed now. Oh well ;)