Thursday, March 13, 2008

Learning Curve

Ahh, new life. He lays passed out in my arms as I've finally figured out how to type and hold him...maybe I'll figure out the blog thing in time, too. I really thought I would have time to do things like make cookies, write thank you notes, and send photos to the end of the world.

The Reality? I've figured out how to go to the bathroom (including buttoning my jeans) with one arm occupied by a screaming little man. I confess to letting him scream his little lungs out while I finish my shower. My daytime meals are rarely anything that can't be held with one hand (did you know you can peel a banana with your teeth?), and even then are frequently interrupted for an "emergency" feeding. And I long for more than a couple of hours of sleep in between waking to change or feed him.

But the reality is also full of the wide-eyed greetings in the morning of my little guy making monkey faces and "talking" to me. The milky grins he makes after falling asleep at my breast. Watching him relax into a float in the kitchen sink full of warm water while I cradle his head, my hand under his bare little buns, his eyes full of a new experience as he takes his first real bath this morning. (Sorry, sis, no pictures...I haven't grown the third hand necessary for the camera). And his soft big little feet...just right for kissing.

Yeah, I would have traded him in for a plant the first week, but I think I'll keep him...he's wrapped those long fingers around my heart and won't let go...and I won't either.

So he lays across my lap and arm as I think about the learning curve that has kept me busy for the last couple of weeks. Its amazing how fast we can adjust.

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