Wednesday, March 12, 2008


After much anticipation (and shattered fantasies about labor not being "that bad") John arrived at 8:39 pm on February 29th (Leap Day!). He had a busy first few moments as the amazing nurses sucked all the poop (his own) out of his lungs and stomach, but he recovered quickly and had a good first meal while his mom was busy getting "repaired." Jason was an amazing partner from the start of the pregnancy (wink, wink) to the very last, and showed his fantastic dadness from the first moments of John's life.

We were still getting used to the camera, so the first few pictures are a little fuzzy, but at least you get an idea of HRH Sir John Allen. We think he's wonderful.

Oh, yeah, the vital statistics: 7#2oz and 21 inches long, (and the one that no one ever mentions, but it seems like the most vital:) Head circumference: 13 inches!

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