Wednesday, April 16, 2008


John is growing SO FAST!

His 2 month doctor's appointment is on the 29th, but curiosity got the best of me and the unofficial numbers are 11#4oz (at the office of a friend's midwife...a gain of 4#2oz), 25" (at mom and dad's...he's grown 4"), and his little feet have grown another 1/2 inch! Yowzers! The pediatrician will probably declare other numbers, but his growth is impressive at any least to me!

Yesterday I put him down on his tummy after changing his diaper and he pushed up on his forearms and lifted his head all the way up. Brilliant! I never thought I would be cheering such a seemingly small achievement, but it feels momentous. When I flipped him over later to show Jason, he didn't repeat the trick...instead he furiously kicked his knees in a pseudocrawl... I groan to think about how quickly he'll be putting the two activities together and off he'll go.

Right now he's passed out across my lap. The little stinker doesn't want to nap anywhere else...but who can blame him, and I really don't mind.

John and I are headed to Portland next week by air (if his birth certificate makes it to me in time), and I'm excited to introduce our little guy to my family down there. I'm bummed that Jason isn't going to be able to go down with us, but it will hopefully be a great time in spite of that fact.

Momminess is still a struggle at times, but largely a joy. The best part is the continuing journey of getting to know Sir John better each day.

Thanks for all of your support.


Katie said...

Oh, Sarah, the beginning was a hard time for me, too. I remember those days well. It does get much easier...but try not to wish away your days...they do go by so very quickly! Glad to hear that SJ is growing and doing some fun new things! Love you, dear friend!

the isensees said...

miss you all. sorry it's been so long since you've heard from us. sarah, i think of you each time iri wakes me up in the night to nurse. i pray for you all then as well. i'm glad we get to be moms together even it is only through emails and blogging. much love to you three.