Monday, June 30, 2008

Ladies' Man

John has grown and changed so much! At his 4 month appointment last week he was about 17# and was 26 1/2 inches! When I asked the doctor at what age he'd be in the 50% percentile, she said that he's the size of a normal 7 to 8-month-old! He's sitting up with help, loves to stand with some help balancing, commando crawls when motivated, "talks" and squeals with pleasure, and arches and twists in protest.

Last week John came along with me to Camp Utmost , where I helped out as the camp nurse. It was a fantastic time for me, as I got to know some amazing people and enjoyed listening to the teaching and just generally watched God work in the kids' lives (and my own). John, on the other hand, just soaked up all of the teen-girl-love. There were a several times when I didn't touch him for hours at a time...he just got passed from girl to girl. It was fun to watch him cooing, smiling, laughing, and occasionally crashing for a nap while in the arms of his adoring fans. He is a very engaging little man, with a big personality!
I know I've been remiss in posting, so I'm going to post like a mad woman for a couple of days to bring you up to date on some of the highlights of the past couple of months.
Warning: Extreme Cuteness Ahead!

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